Biomedical Informatics Platform

BaseBit helped Hong Kong Science & Technology Park (HKSTP) to build the Biomedical Informatics Platform, based upon proprietary XDP, to provide a secure, open and collaborative platform for genetic big data, open applications and high-performance computing. It enables university research collaborations to securely share genomics, medical images , health informatics data, and biotech R&D to initiate data collaboration on sensitive DNA sequencing and clinic data.
How BaseBit helps
  • Privacy
    Data and computation with advanced cryptography technologies
  • End-to-end
    Data services
    Data cleansing and
    harmonization, data mining, visualization, etc.
  • Secure Data Collaboration
    Designed for easy management and sharing of large datasets across multiple organizations without disclosing privacy
What's Going Next
Visionary Blueprint for Hong Kong's Hospital Authority to Foster Extensive Data Collaboration
  • Phase 1
    Data platform
    Enable on-premise usages for university researchers,sample data of 200,000 patients
  • Phase 1b
    Data platform
    Enable remote usage, connect to internet through VPN
  • Phase 2
    Data Collaboration
    Project 1.0
    Pilot run with local universities and researchers
  • Phase 3
    Data Collaboration
    Project 2.0
    Extend usage to GBA researchers with strong government initiatives
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