Industry Challenges and Pain Points

Traditional hospitals are currently facing the problem of having many patients, numerous imaging equipment but not enough radiologists to read films. Doctors need to manually read hundreds of images for each patient, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the output efficiency of reports is low. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, many basic products on the market focus on rapidly finding suspected lesions that are easily missed, but they can neither accurately characterize various types of lesions in multiple organs, nor can they accurately evaluate the prognosis of the disease. Many additional diagnosis and treatment methods are still needed to help doctors make clinical decisions.

Full Chain Artificial Intelligence Image Cloud Platform

Full Chain Artificial Intelligence
Image Cloud Platform


BaseBit has launched a full chain artificial intelligence cloud platform called Perceptor, which utilizes artificial intelligence technologies such as deep learning, to recognize multiple types of lesions on various types of imaging equipment. The purpose of Perceptor is to scan and identify lesions with high sensitivity, thus improving the work efficiency of doctors and reduce missed detections. At the same time, the generation of reports is standardized, and the reference model is continuously evolved through machine learning, so as to improve intelligent prompts and enhance quality control on the data. With the help of Perceptor, doctors can reduce the number of keyboard strokes and mouse operations by nearly 700 in the process of reading films, save about 70% of the working time, and improve the work efficiency by 3 to 4 times. The time needed for patients to receive their reports becomes shorter, so they can really enjoy the high-quality experience brought by intelligent medical treatment.

Feature Highlights

  • Image Recognition Technology
  • Analyzing
    Unstructured Data
  • Value Of High
    Quality Data
  • Deep Learning Model
  • Expert Tagging Team
  • Intelligent Report

Comparison of Advantages

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