Case Background

In recent years, national policies on rare diseases have been issued frequently, and great emphasis has been placed on the registration and related processing of rare disease diagnostic and treatment information.

The establishment of an information system to collect relevant data facilitates the understanding of the study of epidemiology, clinical diagnosis and treatment, as well as the status of medical insurance of rare diseases in China. The information system also provides a scientific basis for formulating population intervention strategy, improving the system of diagnosis and treatment services, the standards of medical insurance of patients, and drug accessibility.
Challenges in the Clinical Diagnosis, Treatment and Scientific Research of Rare Diseases
  • Rare disease are often uncommon leading to missed diagnosis and constant overlooking
  • It is difficult to diagnose due to the involvement of many disciplines

    There is a general lack of professional knowledge of rare diseases

    High rate of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis
  • It is difficult to prescribe drugs accurately.More than 7000 rare diseases are known, but only 10% of them have a treatment plan

    More than 700 rare diseases have been well-defined, yet 95% of them have no specific drugs
  • Registration of rare diseases started later than foreign countries

    There is a severe lack of data for research

    The research is of great value

Our Solution: Intelligent Solution for Clinical Research Integration of Rare Diseases

Based on the advantages of data and an intelligent application platform knowledge base system, BaseBit has launched an intelligent solution for the integration of clinical research on rare diseases. It is a multimodal and multidimensional AI solution integrating diagnosis and treatment registration of rare diseases, data mining, research and analysis, output of scientific research value and diagnosis and treatment plan. This solution meets the needs of medical workers, government departments and researchers, and provides research and clinical value.
  • FIND
    Rare Disease
    Knowledge Base
    CDSS Reasoning
    Engine for Rare Diseases
    Disease Phenotype
    Analysis System
    List of
    Orphan Drugs
    Treatment of
    Rare Diseases
    Collaboration Platform
    Privacy Computing Big
    Data Application Platform
Gene detection and analysis platform --- Covering the whole process
Program Advantages
  • Improve The Standards Of Diagnosis
    And Treatment Of Rare Diseases
    Improve The Standards Of Diagnosis And Treatment Of Rare Diseases
  • Improve The Ability Of
    Sequencing Analysis
    Improve The Ability Of Sequencing Analysis
  • Enhance Academic Influence
    Enhance Academic Influence
  • Support The Decision-making
    Power For Healthcare
    Support The Decision-making Power For Healthcare
  • Improve The Ability Of Report Interpretation
    Improve The Ability Of Report Interpretation
  • Deliver Scientific Research Value
    Deliver Scientific Research Value
Scheme Flow Chart
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